Is auto insurance mandatory?

Auto insurance is mandatory for all drivers in every state.

Are there minimum levels of coverage required?

Each state will have a different minimum that is required. These limits should be on your state DMV website.

How is my insurance rate calculated?

Many factors influence your premium, some of which include: credit score, type of car, criminal history, driving history, etc.

Does my credit score affect my insurance rates?

Your credit score will have an effect on the rates that are offered. High credit scores will usually translate to lower insurance premiums.

Can I deduct insurance payments from my taxes?

No, auto insurance cannot be deducted.

Am I eligible for auto insurance if I have had a DUI in the past?

Yes, people with a DUI on their records are eligible but are usually required to get a special type of insurance, with SR-22 being the most common.

Am I covered if my car gets stolen?

Most policies cover theft, but check your policy details to confirm if it is covered and for how much.

What are the potential ramifications if I get into an accident and am not insured?

Driving without insurance is illegal and you could be subject to fines as well as criminal prosecution depending on the circumstance.